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Excel Spreadsheet: (Weight Loss Software)

I designed the record-keeping and progress-tracking for this program using Excel spreadsheets that are compatible with either Mac or PC computers. Please feel free to create your own spreadsheets following the models shown on the home page. Or, you can download my program and modify it to suit your needs.

Even if you're not highly skilled using Excel, you can still download and use my (blank) version of the spreadsheet program. It's fully formatted and operational, and is ready for you to enter your data. There are two versions of the program file available, and both are included in the download. One version contains 3 sheets for use by one person, while the other version contains 5 sheets and is set up to record the data for two people at the same time. At the top of each sheet you will find complete instructions for using that sheet. Just follow the directions and you should have no trouble using the program. Start with sheet 1.

In addition to the Excel spreadsheets, the download package also includes internet references for finding calorie counts of just about everything, a BMR calculator that will let you find the daily and weekly calorie counts needed for your specific weight loss, charts showing typical weight loss results when using this program, calories burned for various activities, and a copy of my Powerpoint presentation for the weight loss program. These tools will allow you to control your weight for the rest of your life... no more diets!

I consider the valuable program you are about to download as shareware. To show your appreciation and to help defray the cost of creating and sharing this valuable program, you may download it for a voluntary donation (any amount will be gratefully accepted). After making a donation, you will be transferred to the download page. Thanks!

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